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Mother Simulator: Family life Game APK Info

Welcome to the fascinating world of motherhood with the mother simulator game! As a mommy and a wife, you have to manage happy family life. Experience being a mom and enjoy the best wife simulator game!

Immerse yourself in the funniest world of your virtual family! Take on the role of mommy in this housewife simulator game. Now you can become a great mom and a first-rate housewife at once! Do household chores, cook, clean, and much more. Motherhood is about learning about strengths that you had not known existed.

👪 What are daily mommy and daddy chores? Play Mother Simulator to find it out!

🦸‍♀️ Be a multitasking mom – not skip bath time, sleep, and feed time. Do your everyday real mother and housewife duties to get well-deserved rewards. Hurry up – time is limited!

🏡 Look after your dream house! What does a housewife do all day? House cleaning, cooking, laundry, shopping, gardening, and walking with a pet. Maintain cleanliness at home: clean, renovate, modify space depending on the current needs. Being a mom is a difficult task with all this routine.

🙋‍♀️Make Friends. Walk in the garden to chat with the neighbors. Feed guests a strawberry cake, make coffee for your husband, and live your family life to the fullest in this wife simulator game!

✅Mum and dad have to look after the happiness of their virtual family! Check and complete an everyday list of to-dos and different tasks. It is a task-based game. Every level has a variety of tasks to do. The variation of tasks increases with the completion of every level.

🏰Explore new locations in your family house, where your virtual family can live. Play the wife simulator game and open new levels to unlock the dining room and bathroom.

Hurry to play this life simulator game. Challenge yourself and reveal mom skills with this mother life simulator. Mommy and daddy waste time never. They make their virtual family happy. Join the best moms right now!

Features of Mother Simulator game:

⦁ The realistic environment of your dream house.
⦁ Smooth & Easy controls to use in a mother life simulator.
⦁ Colorful design 3D, various skins, and fancy clothes for mommy.
⦁ Variety of Tasks & Challenges to experience motherhood!
⦁ Different Missions and locations to Unlock!
⦁ Housewife duty activities.

Mother Simulator is a first-person game. A young mother must do everything necessary for her beloved family at every level of the game. Experience all the happiness of motherhood for yourself!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to give your virtual family the best life. Play Mother Simulator – the happy family life game to become the best mom!

Mother Simulator brings you to the world of motherhood; you will play the role of a mother, a wife who loves and takes care of her family. Your duty is to take care of babies, clean the house, cook, take care of pets, and many other wonderful wives and mother jobs. Spinning around in the busy world of a mother will be an unforgettable experience; you will go through difficult times because the job of a mother is never easy. Nurturing and building family happiness is your main task, together with starting a mother’s job so that you can experience a new life today.


Start a mother’s housework in an exciting simulation world that will give you an unforgettable experience. Coming to the world of sacred motherhood, you will transform into a wife and mother in the family. Every day, your job revolves around a housewife’s house taking care of the baby, feeding the children, washing clothes, bathing, … and doing other housework. Experiencing motherhood shows you how hard it is and how sacred it is to love your family more.


The game opens up a large house space; you will spend a lot of time cleaning the house clean. You can completely change the space of your home depending on your current preferences and needs—complete game missions every day to get many attractive rewards and money to help in daily life. In addition to cleaning the house, taking care of the baby, gardening, and cooking, you can also take advantage of your strengths to be able to complete the task of making a lot of money. Open up the opportunity to renovate modify your dream home according to your preferences and desires.


Taking care of a family is never an easy job; you will have to reconcile everything to be able to balance family life in the best way. Great work of a noble mother; you will have to go through difficult tasks every day. The game will be hierarchical according to different levels, and later the difficulty will increase gradually. The housework environment with outstanding cleaning and cooking jobs brings you the most joyful experience. Enjoy the fantastic simulator, discover strengths you never knew before and do your job as a great housewife.


The game is designed based on the task; your job is to complete the task well every day to have the opportunity to renovate the house to be perfect to your liking. Embark on a housewife’s job to cook, change diapers, do laundry, sweep the yard, take care of the garden,… and much more. Make your home shiny and dust-free with great housekeeping tools, making your job easier and more time for family. Through the game, you will experience the life of a real happy family, a small house but big happiness.


Allowing you to raise pets and take care of them every day, happiness doubles when you take care of your loved ones every day. Wash and feed your pets, play together and spend moments most peaceful in his little house. Taking on the role of a housewife gives you new and exciting feelings. However, a housewife’s job is never easy, so you will have to go through a difficult time when you first start but don’t worry because the game will support you with many great housework tools.


  • Simulate a realistic simulation world with a wonderful dream house space to give players the most exciting and realistic experience.
  • The wonderful experience of childbirth and motherhood, playing the role of a wonderful wife and mother, gives you a feel like never before.
  • The game is designed based on diverse missions with a series of different challenges for you to experience unforgettable impressions.
  • Taking care of the garden and pets gives you new jobs and enjoys the most peaceful moments.

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