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Apr 19, 2023
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Idle Space Business Tycoon is an incremental game like simulation games where you can become a space business tycoon. Open businesses, build your factory, upgrade them, produce goods, trade with galaxy corporations and create your idle farming empire. Let’s start space exploring for research technologies! It helps you upgrade your AI, fulfill special orders and build great Citadel in this idle game. Speed up businesses to get more money or just collect idle cash income, even when you offline, earn money with your space farm even without wifi.

If you like popular management or economy games, where you build and upgrade own space business empire and become the richest tycoon – this is game for you. That cosmic sim getting you easy but interesting gameplay, aside other clicker games here you can do space exploration and feel yourself in future.

Open business in different directions: ore mining, food production, luxury supplying and others. Manage and upgrade businesses to create your space business empire. Open departments at your office to get more opportunities. Own AI that improves automation also increases your profit including idle income. Create your idle space farm to grow from zero to hero!

This Sci-Fi universe is waiting for you, let’s space exploration. As a business tycoon, think over your upgrading strategy – produce goods yourself, increase production capacity, accelerate base building, or simply buy goods on the global market. Spend a lot of time in the game, making a lot of money, or be a lazy tycoon and only collect idle cash income. If there is not enough game money, simply get bank credits. This is not just a clicker or an idle or a tapping game, it’s like a business simulator game.

A lot of modern games require internet connection or even wifi, if they download a lot of data. So no possibility to play if you are offline. In this idle tycoon game is possible to play even if you don’t have an internet connection, there may be no wifi aroundes or you are at the underground. But if not offline you can compete with other players and see their progress.

* Beautiful Sci-Fi style
* Research technologies
* Open departments in the office
* Upgrade businesses. It’s also increase idle cash income. You can explore a many upgrades for expand.
* Improve AI
* Interesting economy strategy game
* Speed up tapping. To speed up businesses just use tap tap technique. Clicking faster to earn more money with your space business.
* Love games that don’t need wi-fi, no internet required games? That’s it! Enjoy this idle game even if you are offline.

Become the greatest space business tycoon ever!

It takes you to the cosmic world in the vast space of Idle Space Business Tycoon, where you will have to trade with a galactic corporation to create the most powerful agricultural production. With the opportunity to become a business tycoon and create great castles in space, develop your own ideas to create powerful factories and businesses.


Immerse yourself in the vast galactic space, where you will build your factories and upgrade them to produce goods. Trade with the galactic corporations to create an agricultural empire worked together to open more factories. Through cooperation with corporations, you will have the opportunity to expand factories, upgrade research technology equipment and meet many big partners.

Starting a business, you will have to build your own big idea and business development strategy to have the opportunity to cooperate with many other large corporations. Accelerate your business and make a lot of money from sales; the smooth operation of your small store will be the foundation to help you grow and upgrade your larger business. Build unique business ideas to attract customers, increase income and upgrade research technology equipment to make your business more profitable


With an attractive economic strategy, you will have to develop ideas to develop your business. You will have many options to open a business in many different directions, be it food production, ore mining or luxury goods supply, and many other fields for you to choose from. Earn money from merchandise and sales for the chance to unlock your own office to make the business process more manageable.

Open up many new opportunities for your business when using modern AI research technology, with outstanding technology that will help your store manager in an orderly and stable manner. Manage and upgrade your business and create a great business together. In addition, AI can help you improve automation and quickly check for equipment failures or store problems. Help you increase your income with idle business, grow your business bigger and bigger, and become the most significant business in the universe.


If you like economic games that help you develop ideas and creativity, then coming to Idle Space Business Tycoon will be a perfect choice for you. A place where you can promote your creativity and unleash great business ideas through ideas for sales activities. With simple gameplay, easy but attractive will bring you to the tremendous economic empire in space.

Immerse yourself in the vast universe where you will meet many new partners and trade with them to open up more cooperation opportunities. You can easily become a business tycoon with a vast empire, help restore the space station and turn it into the most powerful empire. Explore space with a sci-fi universe waiting for you ahead, come up with a business idea and together build a growing business and make the space station shine again.


Every day, your store will receive a large number of customers, from retail customers to wholesalers. Become the most fantastic business tycoon in the universe with great business ideas. You will have to build factories, upgrade them and trade with many other corporations to scale up. The attraction of this game is for you to unleash your creativity, unleash your experience even without a wifi connection. Idle economy games with simple one-click gameplay speed up your business to earn a lot of money, opening up the opportunity to upgrade your business.

Explore space and search for state-of-the-art research technologies for the chance to upgrade your factory. Bringing great experiences with idle business games will be exciting experiences; becoming a business tycoon has never been easy. Experience the life of a great businessman, download the game, and experience it now.


  • Beautifully designed graphics with sci-fi style, bringing you a magical, surreal feeling that takes you to the vast universe world.
  • Build your stronghold with unique business ideas, develop factories and upgrade departments in the office.
  • The idle game earns you cash for the opportunity to explore new locations, upgrade your business, and buy research equipment for the factory.
  • Improve AI intelligence with state-of-the-art equipment that keeps your factory running at its best with the help of unique AI technology.
  • It is an interesting economic strategy game for you to expand your financial knowledge and develop creative business ideas and learn more economic knowledge.

Idle Space Business Tycoon v2.0.87 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds) Download

What's new

Download to open your space business for free now! Idle Space Business Tycoon is great Sci-Fi offline game!
With this update the game become more stable, more improvement. Less bugs, more fun.
Play with your friend and enjoy the game. Become an idle business tycoon.



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