Honkai Impact 3 MOD APK (Unlimited Skill, Damage & Defense Multiplier) v5.8.0

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Mar 31, 2023
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MOD Info

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Unlimited Skill Usage

Damage Multiplier

Defense Multiplier


[SP Battlesuit | Starry Impression]
“Where the stars call home… it must be so pretty. Don’t you want to live there with me?”
A PSY-type support battlesuit who deals high DMG to bleeding enemies. When she exits during Ultimate, the buffs brought by paints will be transferred to enhance teammates.

[Featured Event | The Journey of Painting Stars]
In a fairytale-like fantastic world, the horrible big serpent devoured stars and the moon, leaving behind a blank sky. Griseo teamed up with partners to head to a town where only the night sky exits. They swore to retrieve the world’s colors.
New featured event released! Play to get Luna Kindred’s new outfit Before the Dawn, Starry Impression Fragments, Crystals and more!

[Chapter XXX Updated]
In Elysium Everlasting, the secret pursued by Mei is being revealed little by little. But the disappearance of partners indicates lurking conspiracies and crises.
Chapter XXX coming soon! Play the early access event and get 4-star event stigma, Starry Impression Fragments, Crystals and more!

[Event Rerun | Arc: Light Bound]
You must rise above the clouds if you dream to reach the stars. But when that time comes, will the starry sky be enough for you?
Play to get Twilight Paladin’s outfit Verdant Sky, Starry Impression Fragments, Crystals and more!

[Afternoon Impression | Login Bonuses]
After the v5.8 update ~ 04:00, JUL 18, you can log in to get Crystal x300, Asterite x2800 and Starry Impression Fragment x5.

[Equipment Update | More Outfits]
Cross weapon Elysian Astra, blade weapon Key of Judgment — Seven Thunders of Retribution: Rumble and its PRI-ARM are joining the arsenal! Depicter Impression stigma set Cezanne debuts!
Luna Kindred’s outfit Before the Dawn, Herrscher of Thunder’s outfit Haunted Dusk and Sweet ‘n’ Spicy’s outfit Let the Class End debut!

[Account System Upgrade]
HoYoverse Accounts are now in service and old accounts will no longer be supported.
If you have a Honkai Impact 3rd account that is not linked to a HoYoverse Account, please link it on the login interface. Feel free to contact customer service if you havve questions.

“Even if I can’t change the future, how I get there is up to me.”

What's new

New SP battlesuit Valkyrie Quicksand debuts! Complete specific missions to exchange for ELF Water's Edge!
[New Story] Hailing from Nagazora: Part 1.5 of the story begins!
[New Event] Water's Hourglass. Play the event and complete specific missions to exchange for ELF Water's Edge and more.
[New Event] Meow Town Escapade: Susannah comes to the resort town near Schicksal HQ for special training. Play the event to get new outfit, Crystals, battlesuit Fragments and more.



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