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Apr 27, 2023
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Come to Cozy Islands and construct the hamlet of your youth. Dive into adventures, traveling, creating, and constructing. Create a lovely island community from the start on an empty area covered with trees and filled with stones. Explore adjacent mystery islands and aid friendly locals to settle down away from the boredom of ordinary city life.


Crafting, the building, traveling, and adventure are all combined in this simulation game’s unique gameplay, attempting to establish a life in this other country. It will be up to you to construct homes, establish acquaintances with new people, and gather supplies. It takes cutting down trees and gathering wood to finish the island’s houses, which are made of rocks and trees.

Players can participate in a variety of missions. There will be various jobs assigned to each person. Just bring apples, catch butterflies, and mend fences. You’ll get materials, cash, and other incentives for finishing the mission (cotton, wood, stone, leather, etc.) As you construct your home, they will be helpful.

Don’t forget to unwind by enjoying time by the fire, hosting tea parties, dancing to music, going fishing, and other activities after spending hours finishing work. Your choice of arrangement will apply to the goods you acquire during the quest. To make the campsite an epic setting, gather more decorations.

Gamers will also visit their local areas to explore them. While traveling, there may be hazards you must deal with. In order to get ready for your adventure, you must take advice from the new residents.


Cozy Island owns an impressive 3D graphics background, with a creative style and bold colors of the Ghibli house. Although only in Beta Test version, but the experience in the game is very smooth, and there is no lag.

Currently, the background music has not been added to the game, so we still can’t feel much other than the visuals. The image in Cozy Island is built with quite bright tones, neither too dark nor too faded, but still enough to impress players with a beautiful and poetic world. In particular, the movements of the characters are very smooth and realistic.


  • An immersive experience with gaming seen through the eyes of the character
  • Exceptional mechanization: meticulously construct and restore each home in turn.
  • Delightful aesthetics, as well as a pleasant setting and a welcoming mood
  • Islands shrouded in mystery; they are one-of-a-kind, randomly produced locales.
  • When you travel, you may learn about different cultures by drawing on your life experiences.
  • Endearing characters: socialize with the other villagers and form friendships with them.
  • Adorable creatures: get your lovable companion animal to assist you with your day-to-day activities.

What's new

- Fixed bugs and other improvements...


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