PUB Gfx+ Tool Pro (NO BAN & NO LAG) v0.21.0 (Patched)

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Download PGT +: Pro GFX & Optimizer(with advance setting) MOD APK

PGT Pro APK formally PUB Gfx+ Tool Pro is a tool that allows you to significantly improve the graphics for PUBG Mobile, in a safe and easy way. Plus If your Android smartphone is not terribly new, you can modify your graphics so that resolution is reduced, thereby speeding up any lag time. All in all, you can customize your graphics throughout the game, altering them at a whim.

The process to set up PUB Gfx Tool Pro APK is very easy. First, pick the version of the game you want to run, then choose between the Global, Taiwan, Korean, and China releases. From there, select the resolution you need. Once again, you’ll have tons of options to choose from including everything from 960×540 for mid-range smartphones, all the way up to 2560×1440 for top market tablets.

Once you’ve completed those first few steps, you can start setting up your graphics. Pick the quality you want for your ‘in-game’ graphics, the fps rate that works best for your device, and activate or deactivate shadows as well as MSAA. Of course, you’ll need to keep in mind your smartphone’s memory in order to set things up properly.

PUB Gfx Tool Pro is an excellent app when it comes to fully customizing your PUBG Mobile experience, regardless of which version you choose. This app is very useful for everyone, from high-powered Android users who are looking for an enhanced PUBG experience, to people with mid-range phones who need to play PUBG without their smartphone freezing up.

Features of PGT – PUB Gfx+ Tool APK app:

Customize your game graphics like a pro.

Basic Graphics Settings

Best settings for your device: Now you can apply the graphics settings of high-end devices (like Pixel/S9/OnePlus/Poco/Note 9/Razer/Xperia XZ3/Moto Z2/OppoF9/Vivo NEX etc) on your device. Simply, Look for your favorite settings and import them.

1080 Resolution: Change the resolution of the game.✔️
HDR Game Graphic: Unlock the HDR graphics on low-end devices.✔️
Extreme FPS: Unlock the Extreme FPS level. ✔️
Style: Change graphics style setting.✔️
Shadow: Enable and disable shadow.✔️
Shadow Quality: Select the shadow quality.✔️
4x MSAA: Enable and disable Anti Aliasing.✔️
MSAA Level: Select the MSAA Level.✔️
Anisotropy Level: Select the Anisotropic filtering(AF) level.✔️
Shadow Resolution (Pixel): Change the size of the shadow pixel.✔️

Miscellaneous Settings

Graphics Rendering Level: Enhance the quality of graphics.✔️
Detail Mode: Change the detail of graphics with different profiles.✔️
Light Effects: Enable/disable light effects in game.✔️
Color Rendering Level: Enable 32 Bit / 64 Bit colors.✔️

PUB Gfx+ Tool Advance Settings

Zero Lag Mode + Battery Efficient: Optimized game configuration.✔️
Graphic Profile: Now choose graphic according to RAM size.✔️
Potato Graphics: Minimal texture quality. Useful if your game lags.✔️
Hardware-Accelerated Rendering: Enable support for VULKAN and OPENGL 3.1+.✔️
GPU Optimization: Custom OpenGL shaders.✔️
Memory Boost: Boost up the game performance.✔️
Safe Mode:Use our app without the fear of getting BAN.✔️
Save My Layout & Sensitivity Settings: Prevent resetting of game layout & sensitivity settings.✔️
Smart widget: One touch to launch game without opening PUB Gfx+ app again and again.✔️

Help and Frequently Asked Questions contains useful tips and solutions to all your queries.
Use of PUB Gfx+ tool DOES NOT lead to BAN unless someone reported you or game developer notice suspicious activity from your device i.e. using script/mods/illegal plugins to cheat game engine/server.


*Added Force Apply Option(Alternative Option: Use it, If your setting is not applying).
*Added support for 1.8.0X version.
*Added compatibility for Android 12. Now PGT supports Android 4.4 – 12 OS.

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PGT +: Pro GFX & Optimizer(with advance setting) MOD APK Info:

✦ License Patched by Youarefinished
✦ Update dialog can be cancelled now

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