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v2.8.4 (Pro)
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Apr 27, 2023
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v2.8.4 (Pro)
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Turn words into incredible Al generated art! What you need to do is enter a prompt ( simple text ), select a art style – and let Imagine bring your idea to life in a snap. It’s really simple: Simply tell what you want to create such as “Astronaut in jungle” or “Cat riding cycle”. Pick a style (Painting, Cyberpunk, Anime ). Simply hit create and let Imagine create art.

Love Inspiring Artworks? Want to turn anything you think of into amazing pieces of art? Want to test out the limits of your creativity and see what’s the wildest and most mind blowing design you can come up with?

Here’s your chance to turn anything that comes to your mind into stunning pieces of AI generated Art! Choose a certain style for your art and transform the same thoughts into different Artworks based on different style themes.

No Art Skill Needed !

You don’t need to know anything about how to design or draw or paint. All you need is an idea or a concept and watch the App do its Magic!

Create Art for your Surroundings !

Looking for a certain kind of art piece for your room or your house but can’t seem to find anything that’s quite your style? Tell the app exactly what you are looking for and watch how it intelligently manifests what you wanted !

Creative Control

Make Adjustments to the Art Result to suit the direction you were originally going for. Or make changes just to see the different variations in style you can come up with!

AI-Powered Art Generator

You are only limited by your imagination! The powerful In-Built AI can make your dreams into a reality and your thoughts into imaginative Art that’s out of this world!

Come up with the wildest ideas and watch them come to life in front of you!

How does it Work?

-Type in the phrase you are thinking of for your Art!
-Choose the Art Style you are in the mood for…
-Your Artwork will come to life before you !

Explore Similar Pieces

Go through Art Pieces already created by others and the phrases that led to their inception.
Explore similar Art designs to the one you just created and be AweStruck by the Spectacular Creations that are generated by our Hyper Real AI Engine.

New Art Styles Added Regularly

We keep adding new Styles for you to try out and discover new representations of your ideas & Art needs.

Keep on checking back and we’ll keep surprising you with more banging creations & visual stunners!

Share your Marvelous Designs

Share your created Artworks on your Socials, with your friends and leave everyone astounded. Use them as your wallpapers and post them on your feed. No one would believe how easy it was to create them!

For any feedback and suggestions, hit us up at and we would love to know how we can make this app better for you !


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