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May 9, 2023
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“Hipmy ARB”, the rhythm game of “Hypnosis Mike-Division Rap Battle-“, has finally released the main scenario, 2nd Season!
Plus, new characters from the original Game App!
Enjoy the Hipmy world with our original story and new rhythm games!

■ 2nd Season Story
Time flow from “Alternate Rap Battle” hosted by Zhuo Ward,
Peaceful days have returned in the eastern city of various events.
Meanwhile, the Internet is not
Rumors of the mysterious charm charm charming happiness spread around young people….

“……Hey, do you know [God]?”

2nd Season is pleased with Ikeburo, Josephine, Shibuya, Shinjuk, Mosaic, Naga-
Members of 6 Divisions appear in the story on a common route!
A new threat threatens the main characters around the Charm. !

■ Rhythm Game “KILLER SCRATCH!!”
You can find the rhythm game screen like DJ Turntable
Enjoy the most daring lyrics you know on LIVE!
Take a look at the new gimmicks like Scratchnots, unique to Hippomy ARB!
If you are new to rhythm games, you can play on multiple difficulty levels.
A normal rhythm game that will play your mind even if you can’t get enough!
New game theme song “Hang out!” is also available now!
Many of your favorite original songs, such as “SUMMIT OF DIVISIONS” are coming soon!

■ Mini-game “RHYME STRIKE”
Choose your favorite character and
Destroy your opponent by stepping on the same rhyme (lime) as the enemy!
Collect points according to the number of shots you destroy and get items from stamp cards.

■ Appearance of voice
Genshin Kimura / Haruki Ishiya / Katshiro Heike / Hisashiyo Asanum / Shoko Komada / Shoichi Godo / Yuichi Shirai / Yushin Saito / Yuichi Ohto / / Yuzuri Kito / Takashi Ishito / Kento Ishiaki / Kenda Black West Shota Haha / Yuichi Sakahara / Yuichi Takechi / Yu Kobayashi / Toshiaki Takahashi / Ohshi Takashi / Kusunoki Masashi / Haruka Chisuga / Koji Sasashi / Kyouki Okino / Yukiri Tamura

■ “Hypnosis Mike-A.R.B-” Official Information
Official Site URL: https://hyPNsismicar.com/
Twitter: @hyPNsismic_arb

【Recommended Environments】
Android 5.0 or above
Device with at least 2GB of memory (RAM)
※Some devices may not function properly even if the above conditions are met, depending on the usage status of your device.



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