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How To Raise A Harem MOD APK Info

How To Raise A Harem (QooApp) – a role-playing project with an anime character design, a fantasy world and content that is not spicy enough for the “18+” category. The main character finds himself involved in a serious scrape in the role of the leader of a group of militant girls who intend to fight numerous opponents and knock out the enemy from their previously occupied positions. At the same time, you should not focus on just one composition. It is always better to change and transform the content of the group, combine the skills of fighters and so on. And in my free time, between battles, get to know the cute wards closer.

How To Raise A Harem Mod APK – brings a new experience to players with a series of beautiful images and exciting fighting activities. You will play as a member of the royal academy. This place is a land in the air, organizing surprise encounters and connecting many players with each other. Many girls gather in an arena and begin to conquer the boys they meet. However, the story has only just begun; you need to be more innovative in your strategies to become the owner of the most vital resource.


The member of the royal academy in How To Raise A Harem won’t let you down. A long list of highly prominent names will be the party’s focus. Players will begin their journey to choose a desired face, perfect body, and objects to meet. Next, the system quickly brings you to your place of residence right in the city. For activities like beauty enhancement outfit shopping, you have to challenge yourself to get more.

All the costumes with different styles will be shown on the cards. Players can freely combine costumes to create the perfect character. For jewelry and accessories, you will also receive them after completing the tasks assigned in the mailbox. Adopting a variety of styles and allowing yourself to be renewed by experimentation will help you gain many new skills you will need later in life.


To become a perfect character, qualified to conquer the position of the queen at parties, How To Raise A Harem requires you to participate in short training courses. In each lesson, players just need to make sure to follow all the requirements given. Then, a few specific situations will test your patience or your response. Don’t forget; this is a fierce battle between beauties. The world and the academy will create official competitions to help differentiate each player’s level.

The new event brings a unique space; players can experience the atmosphere of the temple and festivals related to Buddhism. You will once again incarnate in different styles to participate in the festival. The opportunity to meet, make friends, and chat has arrived. Experience the new event developed by the system and find the lesson you need most!


An integral part of How To Raise A Harem is romantic love stories. Players who have reached the allowed level will be able to organize meetings with friends of the opposite sex. This is also an opportunity for you to practice the lessons taught and allow yourself to observe the actions of the other characters. Love, power, and beauty are indispensable in each character. Therefore, quickly conquer your love in meetings. We’d love to see your ability to make quick friends over chat!


How To Raise A Harem creates fair competitions that help players fight with friends in a dynamic environment. Set in a city in the clouds, you will have an enjoyable time with activities such as beauty treatments, chats, meetings, and living together. Many difficult situations occur that make you ponder, but remember, your actions will determine the outcome. The academy always welcomes new students, hurry up and become the beauty queen in this mysterious school!


  • Players will experience the beauty game for the first time with engaging content, thrilling situations, and many exciting activities. What is the meaning of appointments? You can find out as you experiment.
  • It provides players with a complete roster of the academy’s elite faces. You will have to transform into one of them and make a name for yourself in this mysterious aerial kingdom.
  • Take on beauty missions, change styles, and gain experience through learning. Players have more opportunities to make new friends, freely act, and build their own lives.
  • Start your love story here through invitations to parties and dates. Change your clothes and become the most gorgeous and outstanding person. Explore the designs present in the wardrobe.
  • Control the character’s activities through direct operations on the touch screen and cards. Each card will take on a function of the character’s action or outfit.

How To Raise A Harem v1.3 MOD APK (Damge, Defense Multiplier) Download

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