Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy (Unlocked)

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Jul 12, 2023
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MOD Info?


  • The speed is 5 times the original
  • Gravity is one-third of the original
  • No gravity


Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy MOD APKI Info

To quote Jazzuo himself: “The hiking action is very similar to way you would do it in real life, remember that and you will do well”.

A game I made
For a certain kind of person

To hurt them.

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is a punishing climbing game, a homage to Jazzuo’s 2002 B-Game classic ‘Sexy Hiking’. You move the hammer with the mouse, and that’s all there is. With practice, you’ll be able to jump, swing, climb and fly. Great mysteries and a wonderful reward await the master hikers who reach the top of the mountain.

• Climb up an enormous mountain with nothing but a hammer and a pot.
• Listen as I make philosophical observations about the problem at hand.
• Between 2 and ∞ hours of agonizing gameplay, depending. The median time to finish for my playtesters was 5 hours, but the mean was closer to ∞.
• Lose all your progress, over and over.
• Feel new types of frustration you didn’t know you were capable of.COLLAPSE

Do you want to climb the highest mountain? Do you love hiking? If yes, then you are in the very right place. Today we are all here with the open adventure thrilling game where you can climb mountains, swim across rivers, Climb a Tree, go for unknown paths, and much more. Many games are available in gaming Arsenal, but only a few are worth enjoying. Out of those top-notch times today, we are all presenting you the Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy game, even though we will provide you with its modified application.

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy MOD APK

There are too many things you can do in this game that aren’t possible in any other game, like you’ll be able to jump, cross across the river, Run towards the wild animal, swing, climb and fly. In this game, you will get a wide variety of missions, and one of them is first to climb the highest mountain. It’s not going to be easy enough for you to mount such a big mountain, but if you have the extra support AAP, a modified application, thank you only you can easily conquer all your missions. The gameplay and the storyline of the game are very much unique compared to all other games. You are the game’s main character, lost in the forest and the metal mountains. To find your ultimate route, you must climb a hill and see all the views and outside paths to leave this dangerous area.

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy MOD APK

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy MOD APK is the modified and every alternate variant of the official calling over it game. In this Mod APK, you will get Mini ultra-premium advantages for free live unlimited resources, unlimited supply of coins, unlock new levels, and much more. Many mod APKs usually have advertisement interruptions, but the modified version is free from advertisements. Moreover, you will never suffer any routing issues while installing this Mod APK. Additionally, our modified version is fully secure and provides you with at most privacy while downloading it. Just have this Mod APK and enjoy it with all your friends and family members without further delay.

The astonishing feature of Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy MOD APK

There are many great features you will enjoy in this classic modified application. Yes, you will witness hundreds of cool features in this beautiful game. The massive success of this game is its excellent features and service, which give this game a user base of million along with a positive, robust rating.

Climb up an enormous mountain

Yes, climbing a mountain and n-track a new pathway will be enjoyable. Enjoy the cozy year and the great ambiance of nature while hiking over mountains. You can see a long view of all areas after reaching the top of the hill. A horrible journey to the top of the mountain will not be an easy task where you are going to encounter countless animals, thunder, and many more dangerous things. That’s why you need this modified version that will help you in every possible way.

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy MOD APK

Build philosophical observations

Over time you will be very much experienced in hiking over mountains. Yes, you will enjoy many kinds of mountains in this game, from Jatt small Valley to the highest test Mount Everest. Every hill has its monsoon and season. For example, you will feel cold in some mountains, and you will feel boiling in some mountains. According to the situation, you have to act and gather resources for hiking over mountains in Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy MOD APK.

agonizing gameplay

The gameplay of Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy MOD APK  is unique, where you have several missions while reaching the mountain. Alone in the journey to reach the top of the hill, you will witness many difficulties like a natural calamity attacked by animals, thunder from the sky, and many more. Still, you are a warrior of the game, and your job is not to give up at any cost. Your job is to keep your eye on the top of the mountain and never return until you reach the top and show the people that you are the ultimate winner of the Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy MOD APK game.

Easy and fantastic user interface

The user interface of the game is unique and easy to use. Even after playing for the first time, you can get command over every feature and tool. You have to keep it bright, one navigating all the premium features at the needed time. In difficult times you can use all the premium resources and accessories to keep your survival in the game. Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy MOD APK gives many unfair advantages to help you in this long journey.

Quality graphics and music

Without having quality graphics, the new game is worth enjoying it. Yes, Bahan ki success of any game the main ingredient is its graphic quality so as you know that our game is one of the top-notch games because at most top-notch quality HD graphic. When the game’s sound quality is very much optimized and thrilling, feel sensational new vibes while being in the game. Additionally, in Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, MOD APK  feel a great natural atmosphere of the forest, rivers, and mountain white natural sounds.

What's new


Bug fixes.

MOD Info?


1. Gravity is one-third of the original
2. Gravity is one-sixth of the original
3. No gravity
4. The speed is 5 times the original



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