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Dynamic Notch – Dynamic Island Mod Apk Description

Dynamic Island Notch – Make the notch on your phone interactive like iPhone 14 & iOS 16.

Get iPhone’s Dynamic Island on your Android Phone for Quick Access to Notifications, Alerts and Activities.

Now you don’t need to be jealous of anyone who just got the new iPhone 14 pro, and is flaunting the latest Dynamic Island on his/her iPhone. You can do better with this Dynamic Island Notch.

What is Dynamic Island Notch and How does it work?

Dynamic Island Notch is smart notification bar. Dynamic Island can provide any Android phone with a notch or pill-shaped cut-out notch that turns into a notification bar. You’ll have your own Dynamic Island, you can choose and multitasking support for when you have several tasks running simultaneously.

This small pill is the same as the one on iPhone 14 pro and iPhone 14 Max. Dynamic Island Notch is an elegant notification bar for Android and is an innovative way to use your notification bar.
Dynamic Island Notch allows you to use Apps with Notifications, Multitask and Customise with ease.

The Dynamic Island maintains an active state to allow users easier access to controls with a simple tap-and-hold without impeding content on the screen.

Feature included in this Dynamic Island Notch
* Dynamic Island Notch can be customised to fit your needs. Change size, position, background color, transparency and much more.
* Receive incoming calls & Disconnect incoming calls
* Send message replies directly from the Dynamic bar / notification smart bar
* Control music – Switch music tracks without even opening the application.
* You can select the applications which you want to work with Dynamic Island Notch.

Get alert of Incoming calls on Dynamic Island Notch, also you can receive incoming call & disconnect incoming calls.

The purpose of this Dynamic Island is to display multiple background activities at once, such as when a timer is counting down and when you are listening music. You can see & interact with both the activities.

An excellent place to start is with your preferred music app, which should be YouTube Music. Press play and it will appear on Dynamic Notch. You can tap the Dynamic Island Notch to expand it and interact with music controls. You can also open the app itself with a single tap.

Enjoy your new Dynamic Island Notch or you can say Smart Notification Bar.

Disclosure : We confirm that this app uses Accessibility API Service only to display the notification notch bar on the screen and we do not collect or share any sensitive / personal information through Accessibility service.”



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