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v2023.6.13 Unlocked
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Mar 27, 2023
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v2023.6.13 Unlocked
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MOD Info


– [ Player Menu ] –

  • – Show Player Info – No Clip – Move In Meeting – Spam Report (Meeting Must Start) – Unlimited Emergencies Meetings – No Meeting Cooldown – Close All Doors – No Door Cooldown [Impostors] – Can Move In Vent – Sabotage Lights – Repair Sabotage – Teleport Outside – Teleport Inside – Spectate Player – Shadows Through Walls – Speed – Torch Distance – Pick Fake Role – See Ghost + Chat – Sabotage (Have Cooldowns)

– [ ESP Menu ] – Esp Lines To Players

  • – Crew-mate(s) – Impostor(s) – Scientist(s) – Engineer(s) – Guardian Angel(s) – Shape-shifter(s) – Ghost(s)”)

– [ Host Menu ] –

  • – Change Player Roles – Kill Player – End Game [ Impostors Win ] – End Game [ Crew Wins ] – Uno Reverse Vote [Everyone Votes Themselves] – Anti Vote [You Cant Be Voted] – Redirect Vote [Take everyone’s vote and vote a selected colour] – Complete My Tasks – Complete All Tasks

– [ Everyone’s Name Editor (Host) ]

  • – Enter Player Name – Select Player – Text Effect (RGB Animation , RGB Slider) – RGB Slider (Red , Green , Blue)

– [ Account Menu ] –

  • – Change Name – Enable Free Chat

– [ Passive ] –

  • – Chat Always Visible – Unlocked Hats – Unlocked Name Plates – Unlocked Pets – Unlocked Skins – Unlocked Visors


➡Unlock Hats ➡Unlock Pets ➡Unlock Skins ➡Change Hat ➡Change Pet ➡Change Skin ➡Change Color ➡Walk Through Walls ➡Telekill ➡Masskill ➡God Mode ➡Big Light ➡No Kill Cooldown(can ban) ➡Show Impostor(write it) ➡Show Impostor(red name) ➡Change Body Color Of Impostor ➡Unltimated Vote Emergence ➡Chat Visible ➡Visible Ghosts ➡Complete All My Tasks ➡Can Move Always ➡Visible Ghosts ➡Complete All My Tasks ➡Can Move Always ➡Visible Ghosts ➡Complete All My Tasks ➡Change me to Player or Ghost ➡Player Speed ➡Ghost Speed ➡My Body Size(visual) ➡Players Body Size(visual) ➡Teleporter The Skeld(in all places u can be teleported) ➡Add A lot Of Players/Make For All Players Black Screen ➡Add Fake Players to 10 ➡Spam Emergency(u must start vote) ➡Open Doors ➡Close All Doors ➡Spam Doors ➡Complete All Tasks ➡Sabotage All ➡Repair Loop ➡Close Doors(select place) ➡Kick All Players ➡Ban All Players ➡Control All Players ➡Change For All Nick Name To Polarmods ➡Always Impostor[HOST] ➡Always Win[HOST] ➡Teleporter Airship Note: When entering the game, please follow the instructions to activate the MOD menu MOD V3?

  • All Skin Unlocked


  • Casual use of hats
  • Unlocked all skins
  • Pets can be used freely
  • Kill without cooling
  • See farther
  • Move speed x2
  • No more ads
  • No banning penalty
  • Chat remains valid

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Among Us MOD Game APK Info

A game that becomes hot in 2020 with attractive and sensitive gameplay is Among Us. Players will be randomly assigned to the Crewmate and Impostor side and complete their goals with absolute precision. At the same time, all factors can enhance your true identity, so be careful in your actions and do not get kicked off the ship.


The environments are pretty varied, and there are also exciting quests specific to that environment that you will spend time experiencing. At the same time, a new mission has just been added that is Vent Clean, and the name says it all when you will need to find a way to clean this place. This location is often associated with the Impostors in the game, so there are a few factors that you will need to be careful about and can confirm that this mission will impact gameplay.

When you go to an area to clean the vent, an unexpected thing will happen: the Impostor’s desire to run down the vent will not be possible. In other words, the button will not appear when the Impostor goes to the cleaned place. An Impostor is in the vent but hasn’t left yet, and a Crewmate comes to clean it; indeed, the person in it will be revealed, and you will know how to report the enemy. So when you go clear vent, go with a lot of people you trust.


When you want to create a game screen, you will be interested in many factors. Some factors that you will need to consider are the players’ number, the Impostors number, whether the enemy’s identity is revealed when they are thrown into space, and the duration of the skill. Precisely, these factors will often determine the challenge of the gameplay of this game that you will need to go through. From there, before starting the game, you will need to consult with the host to adjust them properly.

The gameplay of Among Us is straightforward, and it is inspired by the werewolf game when each player knows their function and tries to do their part well to win the level. Crewmates will need to eliminate all the Impostors on the ship with the clues they collect in the game. At the same time, if Crewmate is brought down to the same number as Impostor, then the victory will undoubtedly favor the killers in this game. So this is enjoyable gameplay.

Sometimes, implementing the above goal will take a long time for both sides, so the game also has another requirement. That is to complete the number of quests for Crewmate and the Impostor will perform his acts of sabotage and wait until the emergency is up. Therefore, any player needs to be alert to the elements he is performing and pay careful attention to his surroundings.


Once you know the goals of these two sides, you will surely realize that the characteristics of these two types of characters will be completely different except for the one point that they can detect corpses and call meetings. As for Impostors will have better night vision, and they are often unable to perform tasks – typical of Crewmate. So at the start of the game, the hunter will usually get a list of fake tasks, and their job is to go there and stand so other players don’t get suspicious.

Crewmates will flawlessly execute the tasks they receive and try to get the taskbar to 100%. While performing tasks can be faked, some tasks have signaling effects that the active character will report as Crewmates. So that’s why players will need to be careful with what’s around them, and the game also integrates a camera room so you can make observations of other players’ actions.

Once you have reached your conclusions regarding the Impostor, you can then hold a meeting or stand near a dead body to make the announcement. The players here will give their arguments inside a chatbox, and after the discussion time is up, they will vote for the person they find suspicious or skip the vote. So whoever gets more votes will be eliminated and turned into a ghost. It can move freely and continue to do what it left unfinished except for killing other players.


It is an online game; indeed, you will not be able to skip the matches with your friends or other players. You can join or create a match with the number of players from 4 -15 people depending on your preference. As mentioned above, creating room also needs to be carefully considered to avoid a conflict in the number and strength of one side. At the same time, the number of colors and accessories that you find in the game is also fascinating and helps you personalize your character.

Play online or over local WiFi with 4-15 players as you attempt to prep your spaceship for departure, but beware as one will be an impostor bent on killing everyone!

Crewmates can win by completing all tasks or discovering and voting the impostor off the ship.

The Impostor can use sabotage to cause chaos, making for easier kills and better alibis.

What's new

Ready to horse around, Crewmates? It's the 2023.3.28 update!

- APRIL FOOLS: Check out the game starting March 31st, 5pm PST for a fun surprise in both Classic and Hide n Seek mode!

- Additional cosmetics redeemed by Beans added to the store

- Various bug and QoL fixes



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