Adorable Home v1.18.1 (Mod – Money)

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Decorate your adorable home, gather love, and relax in this beautiful game!

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Adorable Home Mod APK Game is a pretty game from the Hyperbeard developer, where players can choose two characters to become a couple and build a life together with their cat.

The gameplay in Adorable Home is as follows: you just moved to a new house, and after cleaning, you have to decorate it. To be able to decorate it, you need money, which you get through the love received from your cat and partner. Like in many of the Hyperbeard games, part of the fun of the game is that you don’t have to play all the time- you will almost always have to wait. When your partner goes to work, you have to prepare them a bento box of food, and you will receive love in exchange. The same happens with your cat. You can stroke it and cut its nails and, if you do it properly, you will receive love. Lastly, you can get love by feeding your cat. All these activities can only be done once every X amount of time, and for the rest of it, you just have to wait.

With your partner’s and cat’s love, you can turn a totally neutral, lifeless apartment in your love nest full of furniture and plants that you like. What’s more, if you get 3000 hearts, you can unlock the garden that you can also decorate to your liking. Neighbors can also come to visit and, when you unlock the garden, more animals will come to your house.

Adorable Home Mod APK is a simple but cute game that lets players create non-hetero couples, which is absolutely lovely.


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