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Oct 28, 2022
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Do you think it’s easy to survive on this island? – Rick said, spitting chewing tobacco into the grass. – I tell you the truth, it’s like a damn role-playing game in which you have to survive every day. Not a year has passed since the command sent me on a mission. Once on this island, I saw various mutants and zombies. Zombies, Bro, you won’t believe it, these are the real walking dead!!! It’s like some kind of zombie apocalypse on earth.

My task was to understand what happened to the Alpha group, which disappeared without a trace in these parts. The strangest thing about this survival RPG is that among some of the zombies, I recognized several members from the same Alpha group.

In general, I built a shelter nearby to protect myself from these bloodthirsty creatures. In my shelter, you can create weapons and armor, heal wounds with the help of first-aid kits. Sometimes I take trips to explore this island. And I’ll tell you what – this is not an island! It’s a whole archipelago! There are also local aboriginal cultists worshiping some God. There are some factions armed to the teeth, fighting among themselves. In the far corners of the island, I was able to find merchants who briefly explained to me what this place was like. I was able to get hold of all the necessary things and weapons from them. You can’t survive here without weapons.

Hero, I offer you a cooperative survival game ;). Zombies have bosses – these are such super strong mutants that prevent me from completing the mission. I found a passage to a neighboring island, but it is guarded by a huge monster, it looks very much like Sergeant Gil, who served in the Bravo squad. In general, you have no choice, so help. I hope this will not be our last day on this island.

You say you’re an experienced warrior! Well, let’s see what kind of dough you’re made of!

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Game Features:

☆ RPG with an interesting story and great humor
☆ quests that guide the player through the story
☆ collect notes from survivors
☆ dozens of locations to explore
☆ craft a huge number of items, armor and weapons
☆ giant world to explore
☆ exploration of shelters, caves, military bases and other infrastructure
☆ home construction and interior design
☆ get coordinates of raiders and attack
☆ Investigate murders like a real detective


– Co-op multiplayer with friends: free PvP;
– Battle royale mode: loot players!
– Large locations with a global chat for players to communicate and leaderboards;
– Faction clan bases: build a base with friends and attack other clans;
– MMO raids on ferocious bosses and hunting for the walking dead with your clan;
– Complete cooperative PvE quests and tasks;
– Pets will become your faithful helpers!

By the way, especially for you, I have prepared instructions for surviving the zombie apocalyx:

⛏️ Mine resources

Various resources for building a shelter can be found at the home location. Wood, stone and many other useful materials. As you explore the vast open world, you will find various vaults with tools and weapons, and other vital resources for survival.

⚔️ Find or craft weapons and armor

Our zombie survival game is diverse: you can hunt or become a victim. There are hundreds of weapons, armor and armor to choose from. Craft a powerful cannon and get ready to meet the walking dead!

🗺️ Explore a huge open world

This big island world is crawling with zombies and mutants! Build an ATV and explore the mysteries of many locations on huge islands. What does the invasion mean, where did the factions appear on the islands? Find notes from survivors that will help you unravel the mysteries of the archipelago.

📚 Become a detective

As you progress through the game, you will be able to investigate various crimes. Collect evidence! Make choices that affect the outcome of the investigation. Find the killers and the guilty.

Download “Survivalist: invasion” and plunge into the adventure of survival.

If you are struggling to find a survival game that possesses the most advanced RPG elements available today, Survivalist: Invasion is one of the trump cards in this world. When joining this army, you find yourself appearing on an alien archipelago. Facing you are terrorist organizations that constantly organize experimental works to eliminate humanity from the earth. This is the engine for finding resources, upgrading weapons, coordinating smoothly, and mastering the battle.


On this archipelago, there is an area that few people pay attention to because it has been abandoned for a long time; if you look from the outside, there will be nothing special for people to be busy. However, with the most recently released version, we have called it the most mysterious place on the island for you to explore. The place I mentioned is an old observation station.


Not stopping there, at Survivalist: invasion PRO, you can observe and navigate rugged terrain more efficiently than ever. Thanks to the map system, players can clearly see each location they are about to go through. According to your needs and purposes, it can be zoomed in and out as needed. Just tap the minimap in the corner of the screen; it will automatically expand to full screen for you to observe and review.


With the upgrade to the pro version, let’s explore with us whether this will become your heaven or hell. Survivalist: invasion PRO opens you up to a new cache so you can store a lot of cool and useful stuff. Not stopping there, you can recover energy after an unfortunate injury faster than the traditional version. Here, you will have to perform the task of helping your hero complete all the next tasks to protect the safety of humankind.


To be able to explore the unique areas of this archipelago, Survivalist: invasion PRO allows players to embark on a quest for resources. It can be treasures that have been buried by previous lives or things that come from mother nature. All will benefit your fight. Not stopping there, your strength can be enhanced by crafting a variety of new weapons yourself.


The task of building solid bases is also of great interest to you as this will become a place for you to recover from injuries or craft weapons and discuss strategy. Therefore, this place must be built very safely and firmly, avoiding the eyes and attacks of the enemy. In addition, your armor also becomes one of the trump cards when it helps you avoid attacks from them.


Facing you in Survivalist: invasion PRO is the exclusive terrorist gang. This place is being dominated by their power with the ambition to change the history of the world, making humanity no longer appear. Specifically, zombies’ infinite appearance to bosses mutated by cruel experiments who possess extremely dangerous superpowers. Behind them is a mysterious sky waiting for you to conquer.


  • Lost in the archipelago on a mission to uncover the mystery of the abandoned observatory.
  • Confront directly with the plots to destroy the world of terrorist gangs.
  • To defeat them, you need to prepare equipment from crafting weapons and searching for valuable resources.
  • The map system can be zoomed in to help you quickly observe the battlefield.
  • Improved mana regeneration time after the battle with shortened time.

What's new

1. The storyline is supplemented by new exciting quests and tasks!
2. The game has been optimized.
3. Minor bugs fixed.



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